Benco high Technology in Constructions LTDA, company of construction of high technology and Maintenance manages and executes construction work such as earthwork, drainage, pavement, works of art in general, homes, hydro-electricals, Thermo-electricals, nuclear, dams and general construction of civil works, apart from the maintenance, operation and works of energy efficiency, utilizing the best engineering techniques, qualifying their employees and continuing to improve their processes to:

  • Meet the requirements of the client, the bylaws, the legal applicable regulations of the contracted activities, looking to meet their expectations
  • Assure the identification and control of environmental aspects/impacts and occupational dangers/risks resulting from its activities, products and services.
  • Prevent pollution in its activities and assure prevention of occupational injuries and illness.
  • Promote the consciousness and capacity of the workers in the matters of QSEH.

It's the obligation of all of the collaborators and subcontractors to know and practice the precepts of Quality, Security, Environment and Health at work.

Technical competence, price, quality, timely completion of work, operational excellence, maximum security and efficiency are values attributed to BENCO in the development of each business affair.

Benco highlights its high standard of quality not only in industrial plants, generation, co-generation and maintenance, but also through the technical capacity of its employees who look for personalized solutions in agreement with the necessities of each client; concepts that favor a relationship of respect and partnership with our clients and suppliers. Our company works with a System of Management of Quality reached in the norm NBR-ISO-9001, certifying our commitment with security, health and environment.

Benco strives for the creation and maintenance of an appropriate environment, which is healthy and safe in all aspects of work.

The System of Management of Health and Security at Work is in the process of certification with base of norm OHSAS 18001:2007, which will contribute to the continuous improvement of indices of security, which is based on the recognition of the dangers and risks inherent to the work, in its prevention, in the consciousness and the training of its collaborators.

Benco is in the phase of implantation of the System of Environmental Management, according to ISO 14001:2004. The system serves to assure that its services develop in a recognizable manner, mitigate and control the aspects and impacts of involved environments.

With Brazil's growing demand for efficient and environmentally correct solutions, Benco is conscious of its social responsibility, and in its constructive process Benco incorporates the environmental concerns to the economical and technological aspects of the job.

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