AruanĂ£-Xavantes - GO

Design and construction of the turnkey model in a Diesel Thermoelectric Plant to 54 MW, in connection 13/.8 KV with national distribution grid in substation of Xavantes GO. The plant has 35 generators in parallel at 1.6 MW each, a substation of 138 KV, in connection with the system CELG with 1 an input of 54 MW, services of electrical installations of high and low voltage controls, instrumentation and controls, civil work and hydraulic systems and 35 transformers of 35 KVA each.
Within the scope of the project, the following were still accounted for: Cleansing of the site with moving of the earth, excavating (21,000 m3), street construction on concrete base for the settlement of the containers, construction of workshop and office. Also carried out execution of landscaping (4,000 m2) and pipe lines for lubricants and diesel fuel. In addition to the construction of 35 substations for lifting the 13.8 KV 2500 KVA, panels of low and high voltage.

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