The Group Benco is an engineering company of high technology that performs since 1989 in all national and international territories in the market of engineering, constructions and operations and maintenance of building structures, telecommunications and generation/co-generation of energy.

Highly specialized, Benco unites professionals with qualifications specifically for each one of the activities, which compose its ample range of services.

Looking to service the necessities of our clients and the increasing demands of the market every day, the Group Benco is organized in 4 companies (Benco High Technology in Constructions LTD, Energy, Maintenance e Energy Efficiency), that tend to the market in specific services. This way, the group Benco is capable of serving their clients by their agreed deadlines and with great efficiency, not depending on outsourcing for the execution of turnkey services and EPCs.
During the years, Benco accumulated a lot of credibility in the market and the trust of clients like: Grupo Petrobrás, General Eletric, Embratel, Telmex, Telemar/Contax, Unisys, CVRD (Companhia Vale do Rio Doce), Christian Vision, Unimed, AMBEV,UBS - União de Bancos Suíços, Shell ,Texaco, among many others.


This is an affiliate of the group specialized in every area of energy.

Benco Energy focuses on design and construction and EPC turnkey solutions for power plants to diesel, heavy oil, natural gas and SHP, substations, transmission lines, selling and leasing of generators, co-generation and power generation.

Major works: Tambaqui and Jaraqui (140 MW power plant built for Petrobras in partnership with GE); Termomanaus (UTE largest in the world of diesel engines in number (576) in parallel), Calera, Mexico (Plant 170MW); Juruti / BR Distribuidora / ALCOA (Plant of 60MW).


BENCO has extensive experience in electric power generation and co-generation energy solutions, which has been a template for studying, designing and implementing the various alternatives. We study the various forms of power generation in order to better meet the needs of our customers. One of the most used ways to optimize energy today for companies that require lots of energy for its production, is the generation at the tip. The choice of generation at the tip also allows the company to use certain generators installed in cases of emergêngia as blackouts.

Benco also held several EPCs and Turnkeys of thermoelectric plants of medium and large ports of natural gas, heavy oil and diesel with more than 1.5 GW of experience in construction projects of this nature.

Over the years the works carried out in Benco turnkey renowned for clients are:
  • Petrobras (UTE Tambaqui/Jaraqui);
  • UTE Juruti;
  • UTE Calera 1 and 2 - Mexico;
  • UTE WTC - SP;
  • UTE Daia - GO;
  • UTE CEG - RJ;
  • Shopping Recife.


Benco Alta is a group company focused on the area of civil engineering. Our specialties are industrial construction, real estate, real estate development residential, commercial and housing, air-conditioning, data centers, fire fighting system, infrastructure in general, among others.

To facilitate our customers in these achievements, Benco offers a conventional scheme in the global enterprise, as well as turnkey and BOT BUILT TO SUIT:
  • BOT – We build the development with our investments and rent and make the transfer of property after a certain period, which varies from 3 to 10 years. (We offer an option to buy at the end of the rental term).
  • BUILT TO SUIT – We build the development with our investments and rent to the customer for a period ranging from 15 to 20 years.


Within its varied scope, BENCO has expertise in several areas, allowing you to interact with the client, proposing alternative solutions and resolving technical and administrative difficulties, such as the delivery of services in terms of technological complexity records. The works executed by us are always made with scheduling and planning and have, moreover, an independent team of quality control. At the discretion of the client, we execute the complete work on a turnkey basis, or only a specific portion, while maintaining interactivity.

Benco, thus can guarantee the best and most complete service to its customers.


BENCO has Telecommunications Infrastructure in its vast portfolio of diverse services. Among the more recent construction of telecommunication: sites, BBR, repeaters, satellite telephone systems, switchboards, etc. Among the infrastructure works include the Civil Works, Climate Control, Power AC / DC and Automation in general. We also have recognized expertise in building data centers, including communication networks in various optical fibers and metallics. Among the major clients are: Telmex, Nextel, Claro, Nokia, among others.


BENCO has extensive experience in installation and retrofitting of air-conditioning, or "Chiller", "Self Contained" or "Split" in various capacities and specifications. Our scope of ARCON includes electrical and plumbing, ducts, air supply and exhaust ventilation mechanics. Services can be run with the supply of all equipment or with the simple installation of ARCON's existing machines.

Some of the major installations were: Rio Sul Shopping (800 TRs electric); GLA Building (1,200 electric TRs); Admiral Tower Building (1,500 TRs electric), Roche (800 TRs absorption); Building Praia do Flamengo 200 (360 TRs electric); Building Quartier Ipanema (600 TRs electric done in partnership with the Light) Fashion Shopping Mall (900 TRs for absorption), among others.


BENCO has in its staff of professionals various technicians specialized in Supervision and Building Automation, which execute projects that run pre-defined or not pre-defined, to control such items as:
  • Air Conditioning
  • Lighting
  • Energy
  • Physical Events
  • Detection / Suppression Fire
  • CFTV
  • Access control
  • Alarms and others.
The building automation reduces costs of operation and maintenance, so that the costs of its installation are quickly recovered.


The group Benco has primary responsibility for managing equity investments in our company that can originate new business.

Benco is one of the leaders in organization in the areas of energy and infrastructure, which continues to diversify in the national market.

Today, Benco is focused in the areas of:
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Energy
  • Telecommunications
The company performs investments traditionally financed in the form of Project Finance, based on concessions.

Our projects carried out from their development phase through their completion, are now located in different areas of the country.


Engineering with turnkey solution (turnkey) is one that includes all phases of the construction process (conceptualization, planning, development, stabilization and distribution) and all services relating to the operation (infrastructure configuration, monitoring, hosting, data transmission among others), giving customers a COMPLETE SOLUTION READY FOR USE. BENCO is one of the only companies in the market that are committed to signing a contract Turnkey.


Noting the demand of our customers, Benco commenced business affairs in trading. To avoid dependence on subcontractors and always respect the deadlines agreed with our customers, Benco Trading came to the services of import, export and trade.


With the market heating up, Benco also invests in real estate development. Dedicated to construction of building and residential real estate development, including financing of CEF to the borrower, and commercial property in areas of frank estate appreciation.

Benco is doing the deployment PBQP-H (Brazilian Program for Quality and Productivity in Habitat), whose program established by the Ministry of Planning and Budget proposes to organize the civil construction industry around two main issues: improvement in quality of environment and production modernization.


Benco performs maintenance and industrial real estate focused on: the telecommunications infrastructure, including mobile sites, CPD's, data centers, air-conditioning, electrical, BT, MT and AT, hydro-sanitary, automation, networks, substations and generation systems and co-generation. Our maintenance contracts provide predictive, preventive and corrective, and emergency care with independent teams, available 24 hours. All controls are automated and customized by the Benco management system, available to customers in real time.


Benco Energy Efficiency is a company specialized in developing and implementing Cogeneration, Power Generation and Utilities solutions, with conventional and alternative sources, Energy Efficiency in Refrigeration and Power Generation.

Its members combine experience of over 30 years of marketing and efficient solutions to always seek the best alternative for each project.


We operate in the development of various types of projects for Power Generation and Energy Efficiency, such as:
  • Power Cogeneration (with conventional source: Natural Gas)
  • Power Cogeneration (with alternative energy sources: Biomass and Waste)
  • Power Generation (with Alternative Sources: Wind and PCH)
  • Energy Efficiency (Refrigeration, Air Power and other utilities)
  • Power generation in peak hours (with diesel or gas)
  • Consultancy for Efficient Energy Management in Industries and Utilities, Shopping Centers and Commercial Buildings
The Projects developed can be applied in Industry, Commercial Developments, among others. Through technical and economic models for each case we seek to add the greatest benefit to the client.
The solutions can be:

Without Investment by Client With Investment by Client
BOT – Built Operate and Transfer Turn Key – Key in Hand
BOO – Built Own and Operate Implantation Advisory
BLT - Built Lease and Transfer Management Operation and Maintenance

For this, Benco Efficiency Energy does the following:
  • Energy evaluation of the client.
  • Definition of the best technical alternative.
  • Studies of technical and economic feasibility.
  • Management of project implementation.
  • Management of plant operation.
  • Elaboration and Preparation of reports for a certificate of efficiency.


a) Cogeneration
Simultaneous production and series of electric and thermal energy, which comes from from one single combustible. One can use turbines or natural gas powered engines, electric generators that power directly. The hot gases of combustion can be used to produce steam, hot water and refrigeration.

b) Cogeneration and Power Generation with an alternative source: Trash
The Trash is put into a selective unit, where the CDR will be produced - waste derived fuel. This fuel will be burned in boilers, with fully automated operation, which produces steam at high pressure. This will trigger steam turbines for electric energy generation and can also produce Steam and Chilled Water.
c) Energy Efficiency in Refrigeration Benco
The maximum energy efficiency reduces the cost to the client to implement efficient systems for cooling. Therefore we have developed solutions for Central New chillers for existing or new ventures (Retrofits), resulting in energy savings, since the first month of operation.

d) Power Generation at Peak Hours
The Power Generation at peak hours, with Moto Generator, Gas or Diesel, operates three hours per day when the cost of energy is significantly higher. This solution provides a significant reduction in spending power and enables greater reliability in their supply, since the same system can be used as an emergency generation.

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