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BENCO is a Brazilian organization that has been in the national and international market for over 20 years. Founded in March of 1979 under the name ATL, the company dedicated itself entirely to the constructionof DataCenters. In 1989, following a scission, the company name became ATL BENCO, which remained for one year until its final name change to BENCO ALTA TECNOLOGIA EM CONSTRUÇOES E MANUTENÇOES LTDA : BENCO HIGH TECHNOLOGY IN CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE LTDA.

In the 1990's, with merely one establishment in Salvador of about 15 employees, Benco began dedicating itself to private and public labor, still in the construction of DataCenters and infrastructure for Telecommunication Systems. In the next decade, in the year 2000 with the advent of what was known as the "Apagoes" (power cuts), Benco was called upon to construct the first Private Thermoelectric Power Plant in the city of Rio de Janeiro, connected to the system of Light, a challenge and a goal that was reached. The success of this system of Light made it so that Benco was able to launch new contracts and with that, it acquired a Know-How of a dozen Thermoelectrics built of small, medium and large capacity, and in its portfolio the biggest Thermoelectric of Motor Generators (576) in the world. Benco was also responsible for the implantation of the first Thermoelectric Park of Gas in the isolated System of Manaus with GE fabrication equipment, among others.
Versatile and with experience in delivering services post labor, the Maintenance sector was always a tradition in the company and led Benco to dedicate itself to outsourcing its services of Global Maintenance, mainly in the areas of Telecommunications, Shopping Centers, Thermoelectrics and Commercial Buildings.

Currently, Benco finds itself in a phase of Implantation of administrative and technical procedures to continue its growth. Today Benco owns 4 subsidiary companies, which specialize in Engineering services, Energy, Energy Efficiency and Maintenance and a functional quadrant of close to 1.300 collaborators. During its consistent path, the company acquired vast experience in large projects of engineering and construction, highly noted for their efficiency and excellence in the executed services.


Benco Group develops infra-structural businesses and solutions utilizing innovative technology, and counts on a team of multi-disciplinary collaborators in order to surpass the expectations of its internal and external clients and add value to the society and to the productive chain.

Benco develops solutions for industrial projects in general, offering everything from the execution of detailed engineering and construction to specialized services of Co-Generation and Generation of Energy. The company also operates in Building Maintenance, Telecommunication systems and Power generation plants, combining high technology solutions development, quality and operational efficiency, with integrated operations in the entire chain.

With over 20 years of experience and conscious of its participation in the development of the country, Benco differentiates itself through its capacity of integral execution from start to finish until the operation is complete. Its extensive resume demonstrates the company's solidity and versatility and proven expertise.
Benco Group strategically structured itself so as to enable businesses in sectors of national prominence. Through means of a well-organized structure, Benco offers specific business units for each sector, acting strategically and creating investment opportunities in the markets in general engineering, Energy Generation, Operation and Maintenance.

Today the Group consists of the following Companies:
  • Benco High Technology in Construction LTD
  • Benco Energy
  • Benco Maintenance
  • Benco Energy Efficiency


To develop business affairs and verticalized solutions of high added value utilizing innovative technology through its group of multidisciplinary companies, exceeding expectations of its internal and external clients and generating value to the society.


To be recognized worldwide as the group of companies with the highest capacity of continuous generation of business and with diverse areas of performance, worthy of its enterprising spirit.


  • Innovation
  • Agility
  • Quality
  • Credibility
  • Motivation
  • Human Capital


Aimed at attending the necessities of our clients, Benco created its subsidiaries (Alta, Energy, Maintenance and Energy Efficiency) in order to avoid subcontracting other companies, this way being able to guarantee the agreed upon deadline with the client with the most RELIABILITY, without having to depend on outsourcing, aside from guaranteeing the most competitiveness in its prices.

Furthermore, we assure quality and preservation of environment in the production of solutions in installation Engineering, EPC, Maintenance and Operation, Industrial assemblies, with integrated generation, guaranteeing competitiveness, increasing reliability and agility in the execution of services.

Benco also differentiates itself in: Extensive experience in the market, highly qualified and capacitated technical body, differentiated and customized solutions, capacity to invest by the client (Built-to-Suit or BLT- construction for location), with performance in all national territory.


The ethical principals that guide the performance of BENCO anchor the image of the solid and trustworthy image of the company. The respect, the loyalty, the devotion, the efficiency, the transparency and the consciousness of ethical principals are of the highest values, which orient the relationship of BENCO with that of its public of interest.

Benco's Code Of Ethics, apart from encompassing principals that guide relations inside the company, also approaches the ethical conduct that its collaborators should adopt in order to elevate the quality of services, as well as encompassing the largest participation in Brazilian society.
It is by focusing on the well-being of everyone and the environment that Benco conducts its activities based on the commitment to the basic principles of respect for human life.

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